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Having bad credit can feel like carrying extra weight on your shoulders, but you don’t have to carry that weight alone. At Credit Approved Now, we can help you to get a competitive refinance plan. We can even carry some of the weight for you through our convenient payment options. Fill out the form to get started and discover how Credit Approved Now can help you to rejuvenate your financial future!

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Our team of qualified lenders can get you approved for a new auto loan so you can get your credit back on the right track.

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By filling out just one simple form, you could be pre-approved in hours and signing onto a better loan.

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With APR percentages as low as 2.49% for qualified buyers, our interest rates rival any lender in the nation.

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Credit Approved Now is backed by a team of qualified lenders, so you know that your credit, finances, and confidentiality are secure with us.


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I couldn’t believe how quick the process was at Credit Approved Now. I just filled out the form online and someone got right back to me a few hours saying I had been approved. It was such a weight off my back getting this stuff taken care of so fast
Taylor K
Roswell, GA
After I filed for bankruptcy, I thought I would never be able to afford a new car. Credit Approved Now helped me refinance my loan at a better rate and I was able to afford my dream car!
I was worried Credit Approved Now would be just like every other credit company out there. I almost didn’t even give them a shot! Not only were they helpful and responsive, but they referred me to an awesome dealership where I was able to get another set of wheels and get back on the road. Thank you!
I had been paying too much for my auto loan for over two years. It just felt like it was impossible to pay off. Finally someone recommended that I look into Credit Approved Now. I was so happy that they did! I got approved for a great auto loan and my credit has never been better.

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